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1664 N Vermilion
Danville, IL 61832
(217) 442-4590


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The Yorkshire Inn Mascots
    Our Inn's Namesakes - meet our Yorkshire Terrors...

Greeting you at the door will be the Sampson’s three Yorkshire terriers. Yorkies, as they are known, are a big dog in a little body. They are AKC’s second most popular breed for many reasons: the first being their size making them a true port-a-pup. Yorkies have hair like humans and not the fur undercoat that most other dogs have; they do not shed and people who are allergic to pets usually are not to Yorkies. The mascots do travel throughout the main floor but are never allowed in the guest rooms.



The patriarch of the Yorkies is Winchester. He is our older, 6 ˝ lb. guy with a sweet disposition.

Winchester is over fifteen years old, blind and deaf but still very much a love bunny.

He is a friend to all.




Pixie is the princess. She is six years old and weighs 3 ˝ pounds.

She can be seen around town in her purse or riding in her 1880’s baby buggy. Princesses do not walk on leashes.

She recently wore her tiara and attended a Royal Ball fund raiser for CASA.  She won “Miss Picture Perfect” at the pet show sponsored by the Humane Society.


See Newspaper Story about Pixie


The newest arrival is little 2 Ľ lb. Chloe. With all the spirit and spunk she can muster she guards The Yorkshire B&B from all dangers real and imagined. After she realizes you are a welcomed guest and pose no threat she will show you her sweet side. 

Being three years old now, she is finally settling down and not being such a pest to her brother and sister.

Please excuse her toys if she left them on the floor. We are still working on the clean-up-after-yourself part.

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